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Maria Grazia Bevilacqua


Maria Grazia Bevilacqua is Doctor of Natural Medicine,
Doctor of Humanitarian Service
Awarded by the World Organization of Humanitarian Medicine as Humanitarian Outreach Coordinator
Registered Naturotherapy Practitioner,
Registered Orthomolecular Health Practitioner,
Registered Etheric Health Practitioner, Certified Hypnotist,
Advanced PSYCH-K® Facilitator, Life Coach
and has high levels of intuitive skills.
She is also a Certified Spiritual Healer, Reiki Master,
Certified Massage Practitioner and Oneness Blessing Giver, author, and Keynote Speaker
with over 20 years of experience.

What moved her to pursue the studies
of Natural Healing Arts

Her own life experiences

One of them was when she gave birth to her daughter in October 1990. During the childbirth she had complications and found herself with a severe back injury. She was subsequently diagnosed with two herniated discs that had partially damaged her sciatic nerves of her left and right legs.There was concern that she would end up in a wheelchair. In July 1992 she was rushed to have an emergency surgery.
As a result, she was not able to walk without aid and required constant pain medication.

During her recovery she found herself with a sever allergy to medication due to the continuous intake of pain killers. Her first introduction to Natural Medicine came in the form of Pranotherapy (a modality of Energy Medicine, using the energy source of the body) to manage the pain and Homo-Toxicology (detoxifying Homeopathy remedies). These modalities expedited her recovery and within 5 months she was walking with little support and within 10 months she was walking without assistance and perfectly managing her pain, allowing her to a normal life again. Because of this experience she has been able to help many friends and family with their own health issues. This has ultimately helped her develop the capability of reading the energy and Aura of the body, and therefore, identify the cause of pain and discomfort.

Maria Grazia Bevilacqua's Passion

Being A Healer

Her passion to become a professional in the Natural Healing Arts has lead her to starting her own small business  in January 2003, where she incorporates her healing modalities and creates workshops and seminars in order to share the teachings of these arts with all of those who are willing to learn how to facilitate their own healing and help others, in a natural way.

In July 2006 she received her certification as a Spiritual Healer, which allowed her in September to received the designation of REHP (Registered Etheric Health Practitioner) with the Canadian Examination Board of Healthcare Practitioners, the first registered in all Canada. In November 2009 she received her Doctorate in Natural Medicine and had opened her fourth locations in Richmond Hill, ON.

Maria Grazia's Goal

A Practice Reflecting the Natural Healing Body

Her goal is to build a practice reflecting the natural healing arts with the integration of conventional medicine, creating a synergy with the two healing worlds. This goal was inspired by another personal experience. March 10th, 2010 she was affected by a stroke caused by an AVM (Arterial Vascular Malformation). An angiogram had revealed that, besides the stroke, there was an aneurism within the coiled vein and an emergency brain surgery was inevitable. The end result was weakening of the right side of the body, partial blindness at both eyes and short term memory loss. Eager to get her life back, she followed the doctor’s suggested treatment plan and integrated with her knowledge in Natural Healing Arts. Within six months she recovered almost 65% of her disabilities and was back to the world!

Maria Grazia Bevilacqua is a professional healer and her soul purpose is to share her knowledge and gifts
with those that seek wellbeing in all areas of life. She is a great speaker and has presented in prestigious conventions such as
Kids Health Expo in Toronto, October 2008 and Pacific Rim Conference on Disabilities in Honolulu, HI, April 2011 and May 2015.
She strives to help people heal not only on a physical level, but also on emotional, mental and spiritual levels.
#1 International Best Selling Author on Amazon.com

Maria Grazia Bevilacqua is a Co-author in the series "Empowering Women to Succeed: Tough times don't last, but tough women do.", where she shares step by step her journey to success in health and business. Stay tuned for the second volume "Empowering Women to Succeed: From burnout to Victory", coming in May 2016, where she shares the truths about making poor choices and what she had to overcome and learn from hers. 

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